Rooted in
The Mâconnais

In 1946, the Maison is at a real turning point. Francis Auvigue, called The Grandfather hands over the family estate to his son André and his spouse Simone. He settles in Charnay-les-Mâcon, near Solutré-Pouilly, to open a small wine – trading business with vine-owning friends. Francis wants to promote and give the momentum Pouilly-Fuissé wines deserve. He has no doubt that the future of these wines will evolve through plots. And he is right! The reputation of Maison Auvigue wines quickly spreads among the greatest establisments…and the world : from New York to Paris, from Georges Blanc to the Meurice, Auvigue is on everyone’s lips and its wines are in every glass.


In the 70’s , Jean-Pierre and Michel Auvigue, Francis’ grandsons, take over. Inspired by the outpour of terroirs surrounding them, they continue to refine the style of the Maison with 100% south Mâconnais appellations. Together, they draw a palette of wines made of Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran et other Mâcon. Using a very specific approach, various Climats arise: « La Frérie », « Les Chailloux » or « Les Crays » (becoming 1ers Crus in 2020) reveal and express themselves with confidence.

In the early 90’s, the Auvigue brothers choose to vinify their own cuvées with grapes bought from their long-time producing friends. Maison Auvigue is now not only a wine merchant but also a winemaker. They also decide to buy 8 hectares of vines in the heart of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation and take the organic path.

In 2016, Sylvain Brenas-Auvigue, Jean-Pierre and Michel’s nephew, takes over the Maison with the firm intention of pursuing the family history : an unconditional love for the Mâconnais terroirs and a strong determination to preserve the environment.




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